Orinoco ❤️lurrrrves❤️ his little sister (or he’s too lazy to tell her to get off his bed) 😍

Apparently I’ve paid too much attention to my wound and now I have to wear a tshirt to cover it up. Spoils all my fun! It was this or a buster collar but could she have got me a plain tshirt instead? It’s an avengers tshirt, don’t make me angry otherwise I’ll burst out of it like the hulk – you watch!

The brave little soldier is home. He’s in need of lots of tlc. 

Poppy is keeping Orinoco’s place warm while he’s away in hospital for a few days. 

All wrapped up after a day at the hospital 

After a good run nothing like a good rub down. Managed to train a chimp to do it, so no problem training my humans. ​

That’s Christmas over and done with. I did Orinoco a favour and chewed up the Christmas coat, he’s kicking himself (well he would if he had enough legs) that he didn’t think of that to put an end to the humiliation. 

My weekly spa treatment at Theravet 🙂