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Finally met her match with Trio to have a good run with.

Pancakes with chicken livers for dinner, wonder what they’ll give up for Lent?

Poppy had no problem making herself comfortable in Orinoco’s bed. This is on a day he was a brave soldier with the vet having chemo. In her defence she points you to this blog post (

I had resolved to not be so demanding of my humans in 2018. I did well, lasted until 11am!

Poppy chewed up Orinoco’s Christmas coat up last year and they both thought that was the end of that! Oh no! Matching coats for Poppinoco this year, see the joy in Poppy’s eyes. 🎅🎄

Orinoco just missed out on brother of the year award taking both dog beds leaving Poppy to lie down in the gravel. 

Poppy wanted to be helpful and catch her own chicken today, such a thoughtful girl.

She wondered while she was in Yorkshire whether she’d pass as a whippet. Doubt she’ll pass as a Yorkshire lass with that collar on! 

Tailbacks in north yorks!

Cooling down with wet towels today. Surely summer should be done by now?